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7 Remodel Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Larger

Kitchens are often the busiest part of the home. In addition to using the space for your culinary experiments, your kitchen is also a storage space for food items and multiple pieces of equipment.

For many reasons, you may choose to expand the space, especially if the kitchen is small to begin with. You may even consider demolishing certain sections to create more space. However, such measures are usually expensive and may be above your budget.

With small kitchens, the trick is to create the illusion of space and make a few tweaks. And hey presto, you have a kitchen that looks larger than before- all without demolishing anything!

#1. Incorporate reflective backsplashes

Backsplashes can help make your kitchen look larger than it actually does. For instance, a black splash with a horizontal texture can add visual interest to the kitchen space.

Patterns are also an excellent choice for small kitchens, especially when used on fabrics, tiles, and walls in varying sizes.

#2. Paint the space white

This is one of the easiest tricks to creating a space that looks and feels larger than it is. Regarding kitchen aesthetics, white should be your go-to option as it makes your walls recede, enhances the sense of space, and reflects light excellently.

Include various shades of white on the ceiling, walls, countertops, and cabinetry in your kitchen design, and avoid using one shade to avoid making the space feel bland.

#3. Use mirrors

Mirrors are some of the most effective tools in helping you create a spacious-looking kitchen space, regardless of its actual size, as they add visual space and style to the kitchen.

You can hang them off the floor or have them at eye level. Note that a uniform height is important to make the space feel bigger. You can use either rectangular or round mirrors.

#4. Eliminate shadows

The presence of shadows has the effect of making a space feel cramped. With the addition of accent lights, you can eliminate this feeling and introduce the illusion of space.

Install accent lights to the nooks and crannies that cast the most shadows, such as underneath cabinets and shelves.

#5. Declutter the space

Sometimes, the reason your kitchen space feels so small isn’t because of any abstracts like lighting and shadows. When you have too much equipment lying around, some of which you use sparingly or barely use, the result is a cramped kitchen.

Eliminate the clutter and put the extras into storage elsewhere to create much-needed space.

#6. Widen with stripes

The geometric principle that a horizontal stripe gives the appearance of width applies to your kitchen space. Here, you can incorporate the effect with a large striped floor rug or similarly painted vinyl or wooden flooring.

#7. Use glass-paneled cabinets

A small kitchen can benefit from the lightness of glass-paneled cabinets as they add both functionality and aesthetics while creating the illusion of extra space. Wall cabinets are also a fine way to showcase your most attractive equipment.

Remodel your kitchen with ease

Ultimately, a professional kitchen remodel is your best choice, as there’s simply no beating the innovation and experience that experts bring to the table.

No matter the size of the kitchen or your budget, we have all it takes to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today to receive a free quote.


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