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Custom Home Vs Spec Home: Which is Right for You?

For potential homeowners flush with cash and looking to finally make their dreams come true, the transition from rented apartments to owning a home is a surreal experience.

Within a lifetime, buying or building your own home can be your biggest investment. So, it's something you should be intentional and deliberate about.

Like choosing a custom or a spec home, for instance. The two are usually mixed up by many.

In this piece, you'll learn about the differences between a spec home and a custom home. Understanding these marked differences is key to finding a place for your own tastes and budget in the home project, in the long run.

Custom Home

A custom home can also be referred to as a customized home. It's a unique home built and designed to the specific tastes of the owner.

Many individuals have clear, fixed ideas as to how they want their homes to look. A custom home is the ideal choice, as it allows for the client to keep up with the constructor at every stage of the project.

As the client, you have considerable sway regarding choices made for overall architecture, interior designs and paint colors.

If you want a pool, an indoor gym, a man cave or a unique floor plan, you can work closely with the custom builder to achieve the dream home that you so desire.


With a custom home, the client has more control over preconstruction planning. Just as well, they're able to oversee each stage of the project, providing valuable input and specifics, up until the idealized result is achieved


The main disadvantage of this choice is that it's time consuming. If you want something specifically tailored to your tastes, you have to be willing to spend the time it takes to supervise it.

Spec Home

Unlike custom homes, spec homes are designed from the construction company's template. That is to say that the style is usually predetermined.

Depending on the builder, some basic styles are offered, such as homes for nuclear families. However, there's still a bit of flexibility afforded, although it's not as extensive as what you'll find in a custom home.

Thus, spec homes have the basic features guaranteed to appeal to the bulk of homeowners-to-be.


Given that there isn't so much specificity, you can move into a spec home much faster than you would a custom home. Special designs take time to complete, after all.

They're also more affordable. Besides, the predetermination means that buyers know what they're getting before shelling out top dollar.


There's no chance of specificity, as you're basically taking what's available. Also, the indoor installments may not be as sophisticated as you'd like.

Finally, you'll have to spend time with diligent home inspections before making your choice.

Making the choice

Making the right choice is important, as there are many options, and you don't want to get sidetracked.

If your budget is limited, then you should take the time required to choose a builder with great templates for you.

On the other hand, if you want something specific, a custom home is your best bet.

Nevertheless, you should also be ready to give the project the time it needs to be successful.

So, are you still stumped as to which style to go for? Our team at Coastal Construction and Remodeling have valuable expertise and can guide you in choosing the home that’s best for your taste and budget. Let’s have that chat today.


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