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Essential Tips for On-Site Living During a Home Renovation

Living on-site during a renovation can be a cost-effective way to keep an eye on the progress and manage the project closely. But many challenges and inconveniences come with staying in a construction zone. 

Have you decided to stay put during a home renovation? These tips from the #1 construction company in Sarasota can ensure your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible:

Plan adequately

The first step is to have a detailed discussion with your contractor before the renovation begins. Talk about the daily work schedule, the expected noise levels, how they will control dust, and the communication methods you will use to stay in touch. 

As long as you’re clear on these details from the start, you can minimize surprises and reduce frustrations as the project progresses.

Provide clarity to the building team

You want to ensure the safety of the workers and anyone living in the house. So, it’s essential to clearly define which areas of your home are off-limits to the construction crew. This also helps to keep your living space organized and clean. 

Prepare your space and eliminate essential items

Before the project starts, clear out the area where the renovation will take place and move furniture and belongings out of the way so they don’t get damaged or covered in dust. 

Also, pack away anything you won't need during the renovation to help protect your things and make the space easier to work in.

Create a sanctuary

To protect your privacy, you can create a sanctuary, a comfortable retreat where you can relax and escape the noise and mess of construction.

Find a room in your house that can stay clean and dust-free during the renovation. Ensure it has a tightly closed door, and then set it up with some cozy furniture, a TV, or some books to make it a pleasant space to relax.

Secure alternative showering and bathroom facilities

If your bathroom is being renovated, plan ahead for where you will shower and use the bathroom. Talk to your contractor about using another bathroom in your house. 

If you don’t have another one, look into temporary shower options. You might need to set up a temporary shower or arrange to use a nearby gym or a friend's bathroom. 

Expect disruptions to your routine

Get ready for the noise, dust, and restricted access to parts of your home. These are unavoidable during a renovation. If the work starts early or is particularly loud, you might need to adjust your sleep schedule. If you work from home, consider finding a quiet spot elsewhere or working remotely from a café or library. 

If your usual workout area is affected, you may also need to find new places to exercise, like a local gym or outdoor park.

Ready for a smooth renovation experience? Let’s help! 

Living on the premises while a renovation is ongoing can be a nightmare. If you’re in and around the house, you may be forced to endure the worst kind of discomfort for the entire project duration. That’s why you should partner with the best construction company in Sarasota. 

Coastal Construction & Remodeling can help you plan the project and minimize disruptions to everyday life, making your home as comfortable as possible. Ready to start your dream renovation? Contact us today for a quote. 


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