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How to Revamp Your Kitchen With a Cabinet Makeover

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, and you likely spend a reasonable amount of time in it. It's a space where you lovingly churn out delicious meals, entertain guests, and spend more time with the family.

Whether you are considering a full kitchen remodeling or are reluctant to invest in a total overhaul, a cabinet makeover can give your kitchen an awesome effect and make a significant visual impact. Here are cabinet makeover tips to upgrade the look of your kitchen.

Paint kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen looks dull because the dark cabinets have sucked out all the light in the room. The solution to this problem is less about replacing the entire cabinets than repainting.

Revamp and give it a bright and lively feel by covering them with a coat of bright colored paints. Painting is the way to go as long as the cabinet frames and hinges are structurally sound.

Install a pull-out cabinet shelf

Utilize your kitchen's existing storage space by installing a pull-out shelf in one of the base cabinets. The frame resembles a shallow drawer that slides out for easy access to utensils stored in the back of the cabinet. Pull-out shelving is a great way to change up the function and design of your kitchen.

Install new cabinet doors

You can upgrade your kitchen by changing the doors of the cabinets for a new style, so instead of removing the entire cabinet, you should opt for swapping the old doors for a more contemporary look or trendy ones.

Put in undercabinet lighting

The central missing element in most kitchens is good lighting, which adds form and functionality. The lights can better illuminate your workspace when reading recipes and doing prep work for a meal.

Add some color with new hardware

Try mixing things up by adding new pieces of accessories. You can redesign plain cabinets with jeweled accessories to give them a new and brighter look. You can do this by picking different types of knobs, handles, and pulls.

Build a butcher block island

If you're going for the homey and welcoming element in your kitchen, leave the built-in cabinet-base island and make the central work area a furniture-like table with a butcher-block counter.

Because these thick wood-slab tops have their edge or end grain exposed, they are stronger than wood laid on the flat. That means they resist warping and scratches better than coating and almost as well as stone.

Contact a renovation and remodeling expert

To implement the tips highlighted above and ensure that you achieve the desired effect in your kitchen, you need the services of a remodeling professional. Coastal Construction and Remodeling’s attention to detail, commitment to outstanding services, and superior craftsmanship ensure your project is done efficiently, on-time, and within budget. Get started today.


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