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Top Six Ideas for Your Florida Sunroom

Setting up a sunroom at your Florida home has several undoubted benefits, as it's such a versatile, functional space you can convert for various purposes.

Having such a unique space in your home is an opportunity for you to do more and enjoy nature while you're at it. If you're thinking of ideas to enhance your Florida sunroom, we've got a few tips for you:

Use as a playroom

Now you've heard of it, it seems like such a cool idea, right?! Having yo

ur kids frolic around in a dedicated space that's technically outdoors is a great idea! 

To convert the space, you don't need to do much- a few plush, comfy cushions will suffice, along with multipurpose furniture to serve as toy storage spaces.

Carpeting is a great idea, but you can also lay soft, interlocking foam tiles over the hardwood flooring to protect the kids and keep them from sustaining serious injuries while they're playing around. 

Use as a conservatory

You can also use your Florida sunroom as a conservatory for growing and maintaining plants. In other words, you can have your very own greenhouse!

Here, you'll have to incorporate natural stone, concrete, porcelain, or ceramic tile for the flooring to make it easy to clean up the space after watering.

When adding furniture, note that the high humidity levels of the conservatory would ruin fabric-covered furniture. So, keep the furniture to a minimum and use outdoor pieces made of metal, coated wood, or resin. 

Use as a library

If you have a trove of books, there are few better places to set up your library than your sunroom.

You can set up the space like you would an indoor library, complete with comfy reading chairs, shelves, and other furniture. Potted plants complete the ambiance, and you can enjoy the beauty of more natural sights beyond the glass walls of the sunroom.

Use as a home gym

A sunroom is extra home space that you can seamlessly convert to an indoor gym, so why waste money on costly gym membership subscriptions when you can do cardio, sit-ups, and even install gym equipment in your sunroom?

What's more, you can exercise while enjoying the serenity and beauty all around you.

Use as a family room

If you have a large family, your sunroom can be the space where you gather everyone together to spend some quality time together.

You can incorporate warm design colors and plush and comfy furniture. The abundant natural light in the space can make it feel welcoming in a way unlike any other indoor room, providing the perfect ambiance for family bonding.

Use as an entertainment space

A sunroom can be a perfect place to host guests and throw a party, especially during the rainy months.

Your design options are limitless, and you can opt for one depending on your tastes, the type of event you're hosting, and the number of attendees.

Whether it's a formal meeting, a family meeting, or a hangout with friends and colleagues from work, your sunroom works perfectly!

Make the best of your property's space with a beautiful sunroom

The benefits of a sunroom can't be underestimated, as they're so unique and versatile. 

If you'd like to install a sunroom on your property, Coastal Construction & Remodeling should be your go-to contractor. We have the requisite experience and understand how to bring your dream sunroom to life.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help. 


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