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What To Know About Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

Almost every homeowner in Florida wants to have a sunroom. The popularity of a sunroom in Florida has grown so much that it is even called a ‘Florida room.’

The relaxing view it offers away from the harsh weather and noise of the surrounding environment is why the structure is desired.

Getting a Sunroom in Florida

Sunrooms refer to structures that are built with glass windows. These windows can be opened and closed or sealed shut, depending on your preference.

Sunrooms in Florida are becoming more popular, as residents love to enjoy the view without suffering from the harsh weather or having to deal with insects and pests.

However, so many factors have to be considered before adding a sunroom to your home. These factors include:

The type of sunroom

There are different types of sunrooms, such as traditional, four-season, three-season glasshouses, and screen rooms.

The sunroom you choose depends on the purpose of getting the sunroom. Do you want a living area attached to your home and connected to your heating and cooling systems? Or one that isn’t connected to your home heating system.

You could also get a sunroom for a greenhouse. This decision should be made before going ahead to get a sunroom.

Energy cost

Consider how effective your sunroom will be in conserving energy. Many people opt for a four-season sunroom or a three-season sunroom.

A four-season sunroom is hooked to the home’s heating and cooling system and can be used all year round because it is built for the different seasons.

A three-season sunroom doesn’t have a heating system and can only be used during fall, summer, and spring, saving costs on power and energy compared to the four-season sunroom.

You can also opt for a traditional sunroom with no heating or cooling elements.

The sunroom placement

The placement or location of your sunroom is also an important consideration. Do you have enough space for the sunroom of your choice?

Do you want the sunroom to be accessible from the main building? If so, what part of the property do you want the sunroom located in?

You also have to consider the weather and the direction the sunroom will face. Do you want direct sunlight to filter into the room for most hours of the day? Then a southern exposure is ideal.

Maybe you want shady mornings and bright afternoons consistent with western exposures. What you choose may require additional heating or cooling, so consider all factors before you get a sunroom.

Adding a sunroom cost

The cost of adding a sunroom varies depending on the size and type of materials used. This includes the cost of construction and purchase of materials.

For sunrooms with concrete floors, you’ll also need to include the cost of clearing the site and building the foundation.

If you’re adding a sunroom to your Florida home, you will require a permit. Additional costs include electrical wiring, installing windows and doors, heating and air conditioning systems, insulation, and interior finishing.

A Florida home remodeler will be able to give you an accurate estimate.

Type of sunroom materials

There are different materials for supporting a sunroom structure, such as wood, which is very convenient because it is easy to attach them to existing timber frameworks.

However, it is expensive as it requires regular maintenance.

Aluminum supports are also available. While they are used for their strength, they are poor insulators and also expensive.

Vinyl is the most commonly used because it is cheaper to purchase and requires minimal maintenance, perfect for a budget-friendly sunroom.


It is important to find out if your state requires you to obtain permission or paperwork before installing a sunroom.

You want to make sure that you’re within the laws of your state when building your sunroom. If you’re adding a sunroom to your Florida home, you’ll require a permit.

A licensed Florida home remodeler can help you get the proper permits to ensure your sunroom meets state and county codes.

Ready to have a new, beautiful Florida sunroom installed in your home, or have questions for us? Call us at 941-375-6300 today!


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