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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or embarking on a more extensive project, bringing in professionals makes a lot of sense. As experts, contractors will help you get all the necessary licenses, permits, personnel, equipment, and materials to ensure your project goes seamlessly.

But hiring a contractor for a project isn’t always smooth. So many people have had horrible experiences you want to avoid. No matter the size of your project and your budget, these tips will help you hire a legit contractor that’ll breathe life into your ideas and bring your dream home into reality.

#1. Do proper research

When hiring a contractor, it’s crucial to do your research properly. Speak with other property owners about their experiences. Get friends, family, and colleagues to recommend a general contractor they’ve worked with. When they do, dig deep and ensure the contractor is licensed and insured.

Also, make sure the contractor has a website and check the type of work they do to know if they’re a good fit for your project. Then interview the top candidates and note whether their ideas align with yours.

#2. Consider Experience

Never discount experience when looking for a contractor that’ll bring your vision to reality. Look for contractors with enough experience as they’ll be able to apply the tricks they learned through years of practice.

Going for a contractor with experience will ensure you get the right hand, industry tricks, and insider tips to actualize your dream project.

#3. Price shouldn’t be the deciding factor

It’s easy to get swayed by low prices. But be careful hiring the contractor offering the lowest estimate because they may not give you the best value. And most of the time, this is the case.

Contractors who lowball the cost of a project try to charge you extra after the project commencement, so you end up paying more. Some others offer very low bids but cut corners, using inferior materials and products that’ll result in a subpar project.

The best way to go is to get 3 - 4 bids to get a clear picture of the price range. Then choose the contractor you’re most comfortable with, even if they’re offering the highest bid. Better to spend more and get quality.

#4. Have a payment schedule

When hiring a contractor, it’s important to set up a payment schedule ahead of the start of the project. You should not only know how much you’re paying but when. So, discuss your budget with the contractor and when the payments will be due.

Generally, you’d pay 10% before the project begins and during the project, three payments of 25%. When you’re satisfied with the project on completion, you can pay the final 10%.

#5. Draw up a contract

After settling on a contractor, put all the details of the project into writing. The contract should include information such as your name and contact information, those of the contractor, project start and completion date, payment schedule, materials, and products to be used.

The contract should also include a lien release that protects you if the contractor doesn't pay suppliers and subcontractors. A standard contract should have a clear process to be followed if you require changes to the original terms.

Choosing the right contractor is a huge decision, but with the tips above, it won’t be so daunting. Need a contractor that’s perfect for your project? Contact us and tell us about it today!


Custom Homes

As a full-service licensed general contractor, we are the vital link between you and your dream home. Our experienced team will guide you through the homebuilding process from design to turning over the keys. We're sure we can turn your vision into a reality and provide you with a custom home that fits your design taste and budget. 


If you love your location, but have outgrown your space, or simply need to update, home remodeling may be the best option for you. From partial remodels to complete home renovations and additions, our dedicated team will oversee the construction process, promising to deliver a beautifully completed home.

Commercial Construction

With over 20 years experience in commercial construction, you can count on CCR to deliver your project on-time, on-budget, and with satisfied owner, architect and subcontractors. Our attention to detail, commitment to outstanding service, and superior craftsmanship ensures your project will be carried out with ease.



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"William is a true professional and his work shows it! He did a kitchen remodel for me and it looks great! I would highly recommend Coastal Construction & Remodeling for your projects."

           ~Margaret H.

Coastal Construction & Remodeling completed a remodel of our house interior, including new doors, windows, closets, bathrooms, trim, plumbing, some electrical and painting.  They are true professionals, from the bidding and design all through the construction.  High quality, excellent responsiveness, great costumer service.  Most of the work was coordinated through phone/email.  Absolute pleasure to work with, would highly recommend.

          ~James C.

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